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Two weeks to go…

Napalm by Banksy

Time is ticking now…. as our Street Art Season launch looms within two weeks. I really can’t wait for the night. There’s some amazing stuff programmed – in particular the Live Street Art Battle between six artists. 

Our Herbert Matters invite (the campaign is launching on the same night as Street Art) has been distributed nearly four weeks in advance with some success.   

Regular VIP invites have also been sent out.   

Monday saw us take on the might of the incoming students at Coventry Uni Freshers week – we have taken the liberty of personally inviting all of them to the launch and will be offering some amazing popping gum, artwork and flying saucers to those sensible enough to sign up to our newsletters. This should be the maker or breaker of our launch event so it’s really important to sell the opportunity to the students and hopefully inform their attendance patterns for years to come.   

Design and art colleges around the region emailed and called.   

Posters, banners, pop ups and internal signage – all complete and in place.   

Rail ads running, magazine ads provided, listing sites updated …
should just be a case of making the most of the press opportunities between now and the launch.   

Other things still to complete … street art in the community – Anne-Marie Sandos and Dominic Bubb are working on two great projects bringing street art to two specific areas of the city – one hopefully being Coventry Train Station!   

… next time we talk should be just before the launch with fingers and toes crossed… more then…   


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I am Word Girl, hear me roar…Or, The life and times of a Marketing Assistant

Actually, to be technically accurate, I guess it should be word woman, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it! Apparently writing a blog entry isn’t hard (according to the masterful and all-knowing Head of Marketing…a-hem), but I reckon there’s a difference in writing something that people want to read, and writing something that just sits there filling up the page with little black marks.

I’m supposed to talk about what I do everyday, so here goes…

I spend most of my time writing copy for our publicity, producing flyers and our listings guide, emailing people to hassle them for text they are supposed to have sent me weeks before, gracefully accepting compliments about my gorgeous shoes, editing text sent by colleagues, liaising with our designers (lovely Selina!), climbing the walls (I’m a ninja, didn’t I mention that?) attending exhibition planning meetings, and generally trying to get people to make me tea…

I know it’s probably really sad, but I love my job. I’ve not long returned from maternity leave, and while undoubtedly my joy at being in work is partly motivated by escaping my ankle-biting terrors, I truly enjoy the creative aspect of my job – plus there’s lots of scope for me to flex my excellent and very useful skill of pretending to be cleverer than I am!! It’s rewarding to think that all the hours I spend toiling away, producing endless flyers and brochures actually equates to visitors through the doors.

I’ll leave you with a favourite thought of mine:

You can never have too many shoes, cakes or books. I have more books than I can count, quite a lot of shoes, and I’ve eaten all the cake….


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Street Art – Our Journey Continues…

Love Supreme - Sickboy

Okay … I promised to keep you updated from time to time so you get a sense of the challenges and movement in the marketing of this exhibition … so here it is:

At time of writing we are still basking in the glow of a very successful Street Art Season event – the first in fact – It’s Yours Take It!

We gave away over 100 pieces of street art provided by artists from across the globe as well as putting on some live art demonstrations. Marketing was very limited through traditional channels – just listing in our What’s On Guide and features in regional press so I decided to go heavy on the online newsletters, listing sites, forums and social media – result? Around 1,000 people attended the Street Art event on its own – boosted by an additional 1,200 people attending our History Fair on the same day – very happy.

It was very rewarding to see such a large body of local people interested in owning an original piece when taking away the barrier of money!

So now it’s full steam ahead with exhibitions marketing. Rail adverts have gone to press through the Midlands Rail Network and will be appearing over the next two weeks. None of the lead images apart from the controversial Banksy images scream out to be used above another,  so I have opted to use a mainly text-based approach trading off the names of established artists on the rail networks.

The leaflet has been signed off by the V & A – I have opted for a 6 page A5 full colour option that can cope with the inclusion of the additional works we are programming with Fresh Paint (work from 6 emerging artists) and Mohammed Ali – A West Midlands based artist who is exhibiting and delivering some talks and events. 40,000 of these will go out in the middle of next week if I can afford it. Read the rest of this entry

Street Art … an unknown response

Time Waits For No Man by Kerry Roper

I’m really excited about our forthcoming Street Art Season kicking off this weekend with Street Art Saturday featuring an It’s Yours Take It event where we will be giving away over 100 pieces of art donated by artists from across the globe at 12.30pm at the Herbert.

The thing is this. There have only been a handful of street art exhibitions delivered across the globe and I’m finding it really difficult to judge what the likely public response to the exhibition and events programme we’ve put together will be.

Target audiences for this kind of work are hard to call. You would expect that the skateboarding masses would be interested but they are a traditionally hard demographic to engage with. Good luck and lateral thinking needed here I think.

Contemporary art lovers should love this but how many feel that street art is an act of vandalism? Not many I would expect but how many really appreciate the scope and range that this art form covers? I hope they will come along to find out – some of the works from the V & A, Mohammed Ali and our Fresh Paint sections will make this a unique opportunity to fill in the gaps and challenge people’s conception of what they think street art is.

I’m hopeful local students arriving in the city will also take the opportunity to engage with us early and we will be doing everything we can invite as many as we can to the UK launch of  the V & A exhibition.

Finally there’s the star impact… how much do people want to see original prints by Banksy, Sherpard Fairey, Ben Eine, Sickboy and D*Face? If it’s good enough for Cameron and Obama then has it not got big enough for the national consciousness?

The events programme is immense – check out the website – you can witness live art battles, spoken work, projections, DJs, talks from internationally renowned photographers and commentators and loads of kids inspired stuff… again should have a monster response but I still honestly can’t judge this one as it feels so unique – completely uncharted territory when all combined. Read the rest of this entry

Is This Thing On?….

Today’s guest post is from Dave Sumner, a Marketing and Communications Assistant at the Herbert.

Hello my name is Dave Sumner and believe it or not this is my very first foray into the world of blogging so please hang in there with me.

In a world run on social websites I have found myself shying away from Twitter faces and my tubes. Call me crazy, but I’ve never understood what’s social about sitting on your own at a computer screen tapping away at a keyboard. So when asked to write a blog about myself and my role at the Herbert I was understandably apprehensive, but I thought it was time to have a go, roll my sleeves up and join the thronging masses.

Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘this guy’s been living in a cave and if he ever sees a computer he’ll start burning it at the stake for witchcraft’. But, believe it or not, before joining the Herbert I actually spent 10 years working in IT on an IT helpdesk. I guess that’s where my reluctance started.

After having spent 9 to 5 chained to a desk slowly becoming my own Dilbert character, coming home and voluntarily doing the same thing just didn’t seem right. 

I joined the Herbert Marketing team back in July and I’m here on a short-term contract for six months. I’m here to mainly help in setting up and running a new CRM Database. It will eventually be used by all the staff here as a central source of information that will hopefully improve everyone’s understanding of the relationships that exist between ourselves and our contacts the outside world. I’ve also found myself doing some telephone prospecting to businesses around the area to establish whether they might have a need to hire some of our competitively priced rooms whilst explaining what fantastic facilities we have here at the Herbert. Read the rest of this entry

Well Hello…

… wow

It’s been a time since I have been meaning to introduce myself and share a little insight into the work that my team and I deliver but I’d fallen into that age old password and username trap.

With so many websites, platforms, applications, personal security and work vs personal things to remember I had failed at the first hurdle of misplacing the password and username amongst the droves that I’d set up – a personal bug bear I have yet to fully bring under control in my life.  Life has become so much more challenging and demanding with regards to technological input for a person of my age.

Screenshot from the zx81

I’m no technophobe, are computer and social networking literate, pretty much see myself as an early adopter, but still can’t get away from the fact that my introduction to computers was a primary school teacher with a ZX81 who had built a carry box for it the size of a table football to grandly unveil its prowess in making a stick man do star jumps. I guess I will always have a little bit of that ZX 81 ingrained on my frontal lobes slowing me down…

Anyway here I am. Hello.

I work heading up our talented, hardworking, dedicated, dashingly good-looking (and adequately modest) marketing and communications team.

Our mission in short is to spread the word. The word in this case being the groundbreaking, inspiring, emotionally stimulating, educational brilliance of  both the work our experienced teams deliver on an hourly basis and the well-developed quality of our public offer.

As a trust we aim to ‘Bring History and the Arts to Life’, and as part of a small communications team our simple goal is to ensure that all of this work does not go unnoticed. Sounds relatively simple and generally it is. But not always.

Over the coming weeks and months I aim to share with you things that we have dealt with retrospectively, things we are currently working on and some challenges we are struggling to meet. Along the way I’m sure we might learn something from suggestions you may contribute and I hope you may learn more about the breadth and depth of our organisation’s work.

I’ll be joined in this outpouring of all things marketing by a cast of brilliant characters who will unveil their unique superhero abilities in marketing for all to see … but for now … I’ll say a brief thank you to my brain for finally remembering my password and username … back soon!

Jamie Perry, Head of Marketing and Communications

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Herbert Looks For New Friends

Sir William Craven of Coombe Abbey (1638-1695) by John Hayls purchased with assistance from the Friends in 1984
No, it’s not Ben! It’s Sir William Craven of Coombe Abbey by John Hayls purchased with assistance from the Friends.

A special message from Ben Goodwin, Marketing and Communications Assistant:

As the person responsible for new members joining our Friends of the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum organisation, I have to say it’s been wonderful to actively see how supportive the people of Coventry really are.

This is Ben!

The Friends help to raise funds for the museum, help acquire new items for the collections or enhance other aspects of the organisation’s facilities. It’s also a social organisation that provides a forum for people to meet, be entertained and work together towards a good cause. 

Since we re-launched the organisation a couple of months ago, many people have come forward and, not only have they joined the Friends, they have offered their own time, services and vast expertise. This has come in various forms, from administrative support at the Herbert itself to members offering special talks in their chosen subject areas and others are utilising their contacts to further promote the group.

I know we are a popular attraction within the area, but, when people interact with us in the way I’ve just described, you understand how much the people of Coventry recognise the Herbert as an important place in our city. They have an emotional attachment to a place that’s more than just a museum; it’s a place for the people of Coventry and its visitors to meet, celebrate and explore their cultural and creative past, present and futures.

There are many benefits of becoming a Friend including a discount in our shop, unique guided tours and talks, VIP invites to exhibition launches, a Friends newsletter and priority entry to special events. However, in the words of the Friends Chairman, Pete Walters, ‘what people get out of this organisation is unquantifiable. The sense of pride and achievement in seeing a campaign come to fruition is amazing.’

I couldn’t agree more with Peter, as, to me (admittedly, I’m biased!) the Herbert represents the heart and soul of the ever-changing city around us. Those who join the Friends want to be part of the gallery; people who will represent and cherish what the gallery stands for.

I’m very proud to work at the Herbert, but it adds an extra sparkle to my role, knowing that there are such dedicated people across the city who are willing to engage with us in their free time. Their efforts make our offer more varied and colourful than anything that could be achieved on simply staff-power alone.

Be a Friend!If you’d like to join visit, pick up a leaflet from the museum itself or call Ben Goodwin on 024 7629 4736 for more information.

To celebrate the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum’s 50th Anniversary, there is a 50% discount on all Friends of the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum memberships.

Friends prices under the current offer see annual memberships available at £16.25 for Adults, £13 for Concessions and £25 for a Family.

Please note that this is a time limited offer, so make sure you purchase your memberships on or before July 31st 2010.
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