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Georgie’s Work Experience with Herbert Media!

11th March 2011. Georgie Clark. Harris School, A Church of England Sports College.

I’ve had such an interesting week with Herbert Media but unfortunately today is my last day! I completed various different tasks such as filing, photocopying, researching, printing, shredding! ect. Although, not once was I asked to make tea! As well as these small tasks, I also took part in many other activities such as sound recording, filming and podcasting.

Monday, my first day, was mostly an induction. Rich and I took a look around the galleries. I learned many things about the history of Coventry which I was not aware of before, for example, there is a lot more to learn about Lady Godiva than what I originally thought!  I particularly liked the Two Tone and Coventry City Football section of the exhibitions as I am a CCFC fan and also interested in old Two Tone bands like The Specials and Selecta! ;D

The ‘All Dressed Up’ exhibition was extremely eye-opening to me as I am studying fashion in my artwork at school, the exhibition consists of clothing from the 1890’s, 1920’s and 1950’s, so the pictures I have taken of the vintage clothing range will be a big help with my Historical Fashion Project. As well as this, Jo kindly donated an early 1980’s American Durian dress for me to borrow to wear in the ‘Eco’ round at the Miss Junior Coventry finals this weekend, thank you Jo! Wish me luck! 😀

The first half of Tuesday I was in the Video Editing Suite with Jim helping him with.. (believe it or not) editing a film! He showed me how to use the editing software on the computer and what needs to be done in the process of editing a long lecture and cutting it down to make a shorter, more to the point, informative film. I realised that film editing takes a great deal of time and has many factors to it which makes it quite tedious! During the second half of Tuesday I researched prices of film recording equipment and Technic Decks for Den. After, I sat in on a sound recording for a podcast, which will be on the Herbert website, with Daz, Rich and Sally. I think, the fact that The Herbert produces podcasts and sound files enabling blind people to hear and listen to the events that are happening in the near future is a great idea.

On Wednesday I had more of a hands on practical look at the goings on in the recording studio. I spent the whole day with Daz and the students taking the Star Course who aim to gain a better understanding of music production and sound engineering. This was great for me seen as I am hoping to be a sound engineer in my future career. Daz started off the day by recapping the students about last weeks work and then did a few recordings in the band room of each instrument individually. Throughout the day each student had a go at adjusting the sound of the instrument on Cubase, using techniques such as compressing and reduction with noise gates. The final result was a four-minute reggae style song.

Thursday was an interesting day! I took part in some filming with Simon, we went to the Drug Clinic – CDT (Community Drug Team). We were filming a short informative programme which lasts for about five minutes. It consists of information for drug users about how to be safer when using, for example; not sharing needles, washing hands, ect. In the afternoon I accompanied Rich and Daz in the recording studio where they held a talk with nine of the students from Herewood College, a school which specialises in education for students with disabilities, diverse and complex support requirements. The students are all aspiring sound engineers, producers and performers. We spoke about; genres of music, recording in the studio, musical careers, advice about talking to performers, the social skills used and aspects of music needed for an artist to ‘make it’ in the music industry. For me, it was inspirational to see just how passionate the students are about music. The course they are taking allows them to express themselves through creative ways in which they feel they have independence, yet still the support needed.

Although my weeks work experience placement was with Herbert Media, I also learned a great deal about The Museum and Art Gallery. In my opinion, I think that The Herbert uses a variety of different ways to successfully interest young students and make learning about the history of Coventry enjoyable through an easy, fun and creative way!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend time at Herbert Media, It has given me a better understanding about what goes on in the media section of the world of work!



Creating a museum app

Screenshot of the Herbert App

Screenshot of the Herbert App

Part of the Herbert 2.0 project involves creating ways for our visitors to access content about the museum and its collections as they make their way around the galleries. We’re working with the Serious Games Institute  to develop a new app for iOS and Android operating systems and deciding what content this should involve and the level of detail to go into is not as straightforward as you might think.

We starting by commissioning Fusion Research + Analytics  to carry out some initial evaluation with gallery users to help define the initial content we would need to develop. Top of the list for our visitors was an interactive map that would help them find their way around our galleries. This was closely followed by highlights tours for fixed periods of time. So that’s where we’ve started.

At the same time Jim from the Media team has been working with our curators to film video introductions to all of the permanent galleries. These will set the scene for the other content we have been creating – mainly text and images. Our aim is to complete a film and several other pieces of content ready for when the app is publically launched at the end of March.

To help us along the way we recently carried out some initial user testing to find out if we’re progressing on the right track in terms of the content we’re producing and the usability of the app itself. The results have been good with a number of changes being suggested that are now in the app itself including a search function and the option to highlight new content so repeat users can see this at a glance.

We’ll be continuing to add new content up until the middle of March at which time the app goes off to Apple for approval and hopefully will be live in the app store from early April.


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Creating “Real or Fake” for Secret Egypt

To say you love your job because of the people is usually a cliché, but on one soggy, bleak Winter day I found myself well and truly confirming that cliché. We were filming for our latest team project “Real or Fake” the game which will feature in the forthcoming Secret Egypt exhibition.  A green screen is at the end of the day, just a sheet of green paper, but it turns our crew into excited big kids, me included.  The excited kids include film makers Jo Sampson, Simon Wellman and Jim Turner, our boss Rich Elms steering the script and me, taking photos. Our host for the game and former employee, Ben Goodwin arrives in a gold, lame jacket to complete the scene; I know I am in for an epic day.

The Legendary Lame JacketThe brief we were given was to produce an interactive game based on the Real, Fake or Copy section in the exhibition.  Our solution was to produce a “Blockbusters style game show”; Ben would be the host and introduce the objects, providing players with a few clues along the way.  I’ve never seen anyone camp it up so delightfully, adding a touch of the Dale Winton to our Bob Holness aspirations (now you can guess how old I am!).  Ben had found his lame jacket in a shop in Birmingham, the owner let him in with her key so being the only one there he was obliged to buy something, and luckily his choice was perfect. Read the rest of this entry

Street Art – Our Journey Continues…

Love Supreme - Sickboy

Okay … I promised to keep you updated from time to time so you get a sense of the challenges and movement in the marketing of this exhibition … so here it is:

At time of writing we are still basking in the glow of a very successful Street Art Season event – the first in fact – It’s Yours Take It!

We gave away over 100 pieces of street art provided by artists from across the globe as well as putting on some live art demonstrations. Marketing was very limited through traditional channels – just listing in our What’s On Guide and features in regional press so I decided to go heavy on the online newsletters, listing sites, forums and social media – result? Around 1,000 people attended the Street Art event on its own – boosted by an additional 1,200 people attending our History Fair on the same day – very happy.

It was very rewarding to see such a large body of local people interested in owning an original piece when taking away the barrier of money!

So now it’s full steam ahead with exhibitions marketing. Rail adverts have gone to press through the Midlands Rail Network and will be appearing over the next two weeks. None of the lead images apart from the controversial Banksy images scream out to be used above another,  so I have opted to use a mainly text-based approach trading off the names of established artists on the rail networks.

The leaflet has been signed off by the V & A – I have opted for a 6 page A5 full colour option that can cope with the inclusion of the additional works we are programming with Fresh Paint (work from 6 emerging artists) and Mohammed Ali – A West Midlands based artist who is exhibiting and delivering some talks and events. 40,000 of these will go out in the middle of next week if I can afford it. Read the rest of this entry

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