Getting Involved

For the last fortnight I’ve been helping with the Herbert’s Getting Involved course. For those who don’t know, this is an accredited National Open College Network (NOCN) course for disengaged young people aged 14-19. The qualification is in team skills which the Herbert has chosen to develop through multimedia workshops. The Herbert Media team train the young people in blogging, digital photography and Photoshop, film making, pod-casting and music-making amongst other skills.

The team also hopes to engage the young people with arts and heritage, encouraging them to compare their experiences with life in times gone by. Last week we visited the Black Country Living Museum and enjoyed a day of live interpretation, traditional sweet making, fish and chips and, of course, the mining experience.

The group didn’t know each other before the course at the Herbert, but quickly gained confidence in working with new people.  It is hoped that the skills acquired on the course and the commitment their participation demonstrates will assist these young people with college applications.  Evaluation of the first fortnight of the course suggested that it had enhanced self-esteem and encouraged the pursuit of multimedia interests.  Some of the participants hope to return to the Herbert for further training or in a volunteer capacity.

Becky Harvey, Herbert Intern


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