Culture Shift

Sunday was a sunny day. On bright days, we sometimes struggle for visitors. Our galleries are fun, but inside. It’s a tussle for public attention – bright history, culture and education, against the pull of bright sunshine. Still, we’re always open, giving you our option.

It was strange returning to work. I’m back off holiday. The last week I’ve been helping at a scout camp in the Lake District. Camps are a unique blend of fun, friendship, activities, play fights and dossing around. Museums appeal to completely the other side of my personality. Work today is a culture shift.

‘If someone gives me grief today I mustn’t chase them with a stick or give them a wedgie,’ I remind myself. 

Our prestigious year at the peak of the family friendly tree has ended, but there’s no need for scout camp tactics. Fortunately, I quickly switch back to customer service mode. It’s a mainly uneventful day. But, for me, it’s strange.

Me trying to water ski on camp whilst wearing unconvincing James Bond lycra.

Changes at the museum mean that the weekend Front of House team has a lot of new faces. I’ve been at the Herbert for almost three years; I’m the experienced head. However, I have customer service commitments at public events, so I’ve hardly worked with the new team. In the weeks I’ve been away, they’ve intermingled. They know each other. Therefore, despite my Herbert knowledge, it feels like a different place.

Still, we get on fine. There’s no need for wedgies, anyway.


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