A review of Secret Egypt

 Secret Egypt has been open to visitors for nearly three months now and it is a useful time to review what it has achieved. The headline news is the number of visitors who have come through the door of the exhibition. To date, over 25,000 visitors have enjoyed Secret Egypt making it the most successful exhibition ever put on by the Herbert. For certain, some of this success is due to the popularity of the subject of ancient Egypt but judging from the comments received from visitors, people have really enjoyed the exhibition itself. There have been a number of repeat visitors which is always a good sign as well as considerable use of the exhibition by schools and families who have experienced our excellent learning workshops.

What have people liked about Secret Egypt? A small sampling of the several thousand comment cards left by mainly young visitors to the exhibition provides some insight into what people have made of the exhibition. The interactive games appear to have been a particular success. One adult said:

‘It was a wonderful display. Thank you for adding activities for the children, it made the exhibit more exciting’.

The mummy was a particular hit and many seem to be excited by the fact that they were seeing a real ancient Egyptian: One comment said ‘I can’t believe I actually saw a real mummy’

For one young boy Secret Egypt appeared to confirm his future career path:

‘Thanks for the exhibition! It really gave me an insight into the life of Perenbast and the Ancient Egyptians from Finn (Future Egyptologist)’

Three speakers from Mummies, Myths and Magic - Joyce Tyldesley, Joyce Filer and Stephen Snape

The Secret Egypt events programme has been well attended with hundred enjoying talks by well-known Egyptologists such as Aidan Dodson and Joyce Tydlesley.  There are still plenty of excellent events left up until the end of the exhibition on June 5th so look out for details.

We are currently making preparations for Secret Egypt to travel on to its next venue in Torquay after it finishes here. The exhibition space is quite different at Torquay and there has been some detailed thought about how the exhibition will be laid out there. Secret Egypt will be on in Torquay until November 2011 and we hope it has the same sort of response to what it has received in Coventry.

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  1. A really great exhibition made possible with the support and collaboration of many.

  2. Rebecca Kelly


    You have mistakenly named Joyce Filer as Joann Fletcher!

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