Trapezius: Flora’s Blog Part 2

Today’s post is from Flora Parrott, one of the artists behind the Trapezius exhibition.

The installation day for Trapezius was an extremely nerve wracking experience but really interesting and wonderful to see the work coming together alongside Lisa’s. The work had been collected the Friday beforehand and transported up to the museum along with all my tools and plans.

Because of the nature of the pieces I make I have a huge amount of work to do during the install. The pieces can look completely different in a new environment and getting the balance of the elements right is really important.

I will have a set idea and series of diagrams and measurements but often end up adjusting these on site and using eye and judgement. 

Each piece can have several objects, materials and images that are designed to fit together in a configuration that creates a diagram of a particular sensation or alludes to a series of sensations. They are descriptive but often without being literal or specific.

I suppose installing work for me is like constructing a series of sentences, which then fit together to form a paragraph.

The wall based pieces have the most possible variations and so are the most complex to install. The sculptures are pretty straight forward but need to be placed in an order in the gallery that means they have enough space around them but also refer and echo to one another. The frames on the wall and the boxes are great, the Herbert staff put these up for me and it was incredible to see the museum objects coming up in the specially made cases. It has been an extraordinary experience and a huge privilege to use the collection in the work.

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