Roof work and more

Weren’t we lucky with the weather – we’ve just had some work done on the exterior of the roof, which could only be done when dry. We can’t just close galleries wholesale, so I’d organised rotas to keep a check on the weather and what was under the area being worked on each day to assess what protection was required if any – and it coincided with the longest dry spell in a good while. Now I look a complete idiot for making a fuss! – and am left with three rolls of polythene. Better that way than the other – you can’t be sure even the forecast will stay the same let alone the weather.

We hosted a meeting of archives/paper conservators within the region on 22nd March. Heard some interesting talks from other disciplines too:  my colleague Martin talked about his work cleaning some top items from the Staffordshire Hoard (no, we didn’t get to see any in the flesh, but some very pretty piccies); conservation of globes; and a talk on aircraft conservation from the RAF Museum Cosford in Shropshire.

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