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At this stage all works for the Trapezius exhibition are in the final stages of production. Each piece is being finished off, cleaned and polished, ready to be transported to the Herbert on 31st March for the final installation process!

I am currently feeling quite enthusiastic about the work, and looking forward to seeing how each piece will look once everything is placed in Gallery 4. I am also excited at the prospect of exhibiting alongside Flora. I am interested to see the contrasts and similarities in our works once they are finally placed next to each other.

At the moment I am following up and collecting all of the work that needed to be outsourced. This includes: 

  • Laser cutting materials for the light box
  • Duratran printing process
  • Laminating, mounting and finishing
  • Cutting of bronze and aluminium
  • Final tidy and polish of bronze casting

I am also going through all of my personal checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked, and I have contacted my guest speakers to confirm the dates that they can come to give talks in the gallery throughout May and June.  

I have acquired all materials needed, drawn up new plans for installation, and I am drawing up diagrams for the larger pieces to be built. These works have been dismantled, packed and are ready for transportation to the Herbert where they will be reassembled. 

I have visited the Herbert on several occasions over the past few weeks to test the projections, and meet with Dom and the technicians to discuss the exhibition plans and building process. 

Flora and I have kept in touch throughout, and have frequently discussed the exhibition in its entirety, including planned talks, events, artist’s master classes and our ambitions to tour the exhibition in the future.

Attached are some images of the work in progress in my studio. They are dated from early January because I don’t want to give away too much information about the final exhibits and spoil the surprise!  

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Lisa's studioLisa's studio


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  1. can’t wait to see it!

  2. I am looking forward to viewing Lisa Gunn’s work and intend to visit the Hebert, can you tell me how long it is on for.

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