Object of the Month – March 2011

HMS Coventry
Model of HMS Coventry, a destroyer which fought in the Falklands War.

Model of HMS Coventry

This is a scale model of HMS Coventry, a type 42 destroyer. This was the fifth of six ships named after the city. The name was first given to a ship captured from the Spanish in 1658. This 28-gun ship served in Oliver Cromwell’s navy before being captured by the French in 1666.

The second ship was a 48-gun ship launched in 1695. She too was captured by the French but was soon recaptured. She was broken up in 1709. The next HMS Coventry, a 28-gun ship, was launched in 1757 and was also captured by the French, in 1783.

After a gap of over 100 years, another ship carrying the name was launched in 1917. This was a light cruiser which was later converted to an anti-aircraft cruiser. In the Second World War the ship carried out anti-aircraft and convoy duties around the coast of Britain and then served in the Mediterranean. In September 1942 she was hit by four bombs during the assault on Tobruk, on the coast of Libya, and sank.

The fifth ship was a destroyer launched in 1974. This ship fought in the Falklands War in 1982. On 25th May she was bombed by Argentinean aircraft and sank with the loss of 19 lives.

HMS Coventry detailThe most recent ship to carry the name was launched in 1986. This was a frigate which was sold to the Romanian navy in 2003.

This model was made by John Glossop Model Makers. It was presented to the museum by HMS Mercia, the naval cadet training college in Coventry, when it closed in 1994. The model is on display in What’s In Store, where you can also see the battle honours board that was rescued from the wreck of the ship off the coast of the Falklands. 

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  1. I recently had some joinery done and this guy had about ten fullscale models in his workshop that like this were quite amazing… excellent

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