Street Art Season: A personal pictorial review

Over the last few of months the gallery has immersed itself into the world of street art and graffiti and I’ve attempted to document some of what been going on through the lens of my trusted camera. What follows is my very own pictorial review of my involvement in the project.

Street Art Saturday

We decided to launch the street season with a day devoted to letting street artists do what they do best: Artists involved on the day included: Pahnl, As One, Newso, Agent, Ame72 and Id-iom.


The street art season’s main focus was the three exhibitions that we organised. The pictures below are taken from Street Art: Contemporary Prints from the V&A, Fresh Paint and Mohammed Ali’s Breaking down the Wall.

Street Art Giveaway

One particular part of Street Art Season which I’ve really enjoyed being part of is our weekly free street art. Each week we leave pictorial clues on Twitter and Facebook and whoever grabs the artwork first gets to keep it. Below are just a couple of my favourite spots.

Dominic Bubb, Exhibitions Officer

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  1. Dom’s done a solid job on this one! This exhibition has been a delight to work with. It has shined with the hard work, vision and committment of the exhibitions team and of course the quality of content. And again please.

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