The Herbert’s Peace Collecting Project

Themes of peace and reconciliation are of key importance to the city of Coventry. This stems from experiences during the Second World War but continues today through the lives and work of people of Coventry. We have highlighted this in our Peace and Reconciliation gallery and we now want to expand our collections around these themes.

As part of this we are keen to collect stories of war and peace from local people. Together with Coventry Transport Museum we have created a new website where you can add your memories and images around a range of themes and events.

We are also interested in material linked to themes of peace and reconciliation with a local connection, for our collection. This could be banners, badges and clothing from peace demonstrations but also photographs and objects illustrating your personal story. If you have anything you think we might be interested in for the collection, please email Natalie:

Please note we can not accept everything offered. We can not accept any items left at the museum without prior arrangement with a member of staff.


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