Secret Egypt: Part 2

Martin Grahn measures up the objects (c) Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

We first started working on Secret Egypt autumn 2009 and this is when we made our first visits to lending museums. The majority of our objects are coming from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. As a curator I love working with objects, so I have found it hard choosing all these amazing objects and then not seeing them for nearly a year!

For most of this time we have been working with photographs of the objects, which can be misleading. Recently conservator Martin Grahn and I visited Birmingham’s stores to measure up the objects for mounts. It’s funny how time alters objects in the mind. The animal mummy coffin I’m measuring in the picture is smaller than I remembered, but the gold leaf decoration more delicate. I genuinely can’t wait until the exhibition is open and everyone can share the experience of seeing these objects close up (and I can stop boring friends and family by talking about Secret Egypt and show off all our hard work). 

I'm sure this was bigger..... (c) Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

Ali Wells, Keeper of Collections

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