Rep Cov, Repping Cov – Representing Coventry

The 'REP COV' banner on display at Coventry train station

You may have noticed the banner that mysteriously appeared at Coventry train station with the words REP COV tagged by Herbert and wondered what it was all about?

Or noticed the banner on railings of Coventry University outside cathedral square saying REPPING COV.

Repping Cov

With many of our temporary exhibitions we work with local groups to create community responses.  These are usually shown in the museum alongside the exhibition.  However in this case we wanted to capture the spirit of street art by putting the banners up in public locations.   Huge thanks to Virgin Trains and Coventry University for giving us permission use their locations.

This week my colleague Bring Colour has been working with young people from Positive Futures youth groups to create street art banners.  At an early stage of the design process one of the youth people wrote the words repping cov.  As I have left my youth far behind me I had to ask what he meant.  The young man explained very patiently that it means representing Coventry because that is what we do.  Then he initiated me with a fist bump.  This was picked as a theme for the banners.  In this session the young people wrote or drew some of them designed cartoon characters which were included in the final design.  Some cartoons were of themselves, friends or made up characters but all of them are repping cov.

In the next stage of the design process the young people covered the banners in colourful tags writing their names, tags or whatever was important to them.  The banners were covered in oranges, greens and yellows.  After this the cartoon characters were turned into paper cuts placed on the banner and black paint was sprayed over the surface so that when the paper cuts are removed the outlines of the characters were left behind.  Then the young people drew on details with marker pens.  As a final touch stars were added.


When we showed the final results to the young people they exclaimed in awe-struck voices “Sick”.

I am told that means they are pleased and found the banners to be very good.  Judging by the admiring looks from passers by at the university and the train station the people of Coventry are enjoying them too.

The Street Art exhibition runs until 16 January 2011 and features artworks from the V&A and  the emerging arts from the Street Art scene.

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