Day in Manchester

Today’s Guest Author is Robin Johnson, Senior Learning Officer.

I recently attended the Museums Association annual conference in Manchester. The MA arrange seminars and a trade show for delegates who attend for free and are not taking part in the main conference sessions. I got very excited whilst listening to the plans to redevelop and reinterpret Dover Castle’s secret wartime tunnels. These are due to re-open in time for the 71st anniversary (yes, it’s deliberate apparently) of the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. You will be able to virtually shoot down a German bomber via a fantastic projection system in the tunnels. Upon hearing this news I wasted no time in quickly texting my colleagues and began the arrangements for a professional “away-day” next year. See here for info about Dover Castle.

One of the more interesting trade stands was for ‘OOKL’, a website which has the very ambitious aim to “Provide access to every object in every venue on the planet”. In order to do this they are relying on members of the public to mass upload content (i.e. photos of objects) onto their website. It is early days, but the website looks great so far.

Testing out one of Manchester Art Gallery's latest interactive exhibits!

As always with these kind of events, the real value of the day was the (and I shudder to even write the word) ‘networking’ opportunities it presents. I did manage to speak to a lot of people – some I knew well from my university days and some who were new to me. I particularly enjoyed all the conversations about the future of Renaissance in the Regions  – it seems no-one is exactly sure. Although at the time of writing I am cautiously optimistic.

To end the day, we visited Manchester Art Gallery. I have always been a big admirer of their Clore Interactive Gallery and I greatly enjoyed their new interactive exhibit using mirrors to create the effect that you are doing a star jump. As you can see from the photo, it may remind older readers of a famous Dick Emery move from the 1970s….

Robin Johnson, Senior Learning Officer

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