I am Word Girl, hear me roar…Or, The life and times of a Marketing Assistant

Actually, to be technically accurate, I guess it should be word woman, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it! Apparently writing a blog entry isn’t hard (according to the masterful and all-knowing Head of Marketing…a-hem), but I reckon there’s a difference in writing something that people want to read, and writing something that just sits there filling up the page with little black marks.

I’m supposed to talk about what I do everyday, so here goes…

I spend most of my time writing copy for our publicity, producing flyers and our listings guide, emailing people to hassle them for text they are supposed to have sent me weeks before, gracefully accepting compliments about my gorgeous shoes, editing text sent by colleagues, liaising with our designers (lovely Selina!), climbing the walls (I’m a ninja, didn’t I mention that?) attending exhibition planning meetings, and generally trying to get people to make me tea…

I know it’s probably really sad, but I love my job. I’ve not long returned from maternity leave, and while undoubtedly my joy at being in work is partly motivated by escaping my ankle-biting terrors, I truly enjoy the creative aspect of my job – plus there’s lots of scope for me to flex my excellent and very useful skill of pretending to be cleverer than I am!! It’s rewarding to think that all the hours I spend toiling away, producing endless flyers and brochures actually equates to visitors through the doors.

I’ll leave you with a favourite thought of mine:

You can never have too many shoes, cakes or books. I have more books than I can count, quite a lot of shoes, and I’ve eaten all the cake….


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  1. Rah …. blinded and astounded by the talents of Word Girl in her frog shoes…

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