Street Art – Our Journey Continues…

Love Supreme - Sickboy

Okay … I promised to keep you updated from time to time so you get a sense of the challenges and movement in the marketing of this exhibition … so here it is:

At time of writing we are still basking in the glow of a very successful Street Art Season event – the first in fact – It’s Yours Take It!

We gave away over 100 pieces of street art provided by artists from across the globe as well as putting on some live art demonstrations. Marketing was very limited through traditional channels – just listing in our What’s On Guide and features in regional press so I decided to go heavy on the online newsletters, listing sites, forums and social media – result? Around 1,000 people attended the Street Art event on its own – boosted by an additional 1,200 people attending our History Fair on the same day – very happy.

It was very rewarding to see such a large body of local people interested in owning an original piece when taking away the barrier of money!

So now it’s full steam ahead with exhibitions marketing. Rail adverts have gone to press through the Midlands Rail Network and will be appearing over the next two weeks. None of the lead images apart from the controversial Banksy images scream out to be used above another,  so I have opted to use a mainly text-based approach trading off the names of established artists on the rail networks.

The leaflet has been signed off by the V & A – I have opted for a 6 page A5 full colour option that can cope with the inclusion of the additional works we are programming with Fresh Paint (work from 6 emerging artists) and Mohammed Ali – A West Midlands based artist who is exhibiting and delivering some talks and events. 40,000 of these will go out in the middle of next week if I can afford it.

We have also produced 50,000 A6 postcards (5 designs) that specifically promote the Mohammed Ali exhibition and events. These have already strarted to be distributed – targeting more grass-roots hip hop and creatives (i.e. Custard Factory, Heducation Hip Hop Night etc).

National coverage is ticking over with features confirmed in the Financial Times, the Independent, the Times and a dash of others. More to be done here I think.

The launch is moving along nicely. We are launching our Herbert Matters campaign on this night aimed at highlighting the importance of supporting our work to key stakeholders, so dual planning and invites here. I have taken the liberty of sending students a personal invite (by attaching it to the lanyard of every new student coming to Coventry University) to our exhibition. By attending the venue early I’m hoping they see the opportunities that we offer and form a habit of visiting us during their time in the city.

And finally before you drop off… wakey wakey… (note to self too much detail = lose will to live) sticking areas:

Need volunteers for some secret street art work …

Struggling to muster enough money to do everything that this exhibition deserves – in particular linked to street marketing…

Building art … still trying to tie up the loose ends that will see the inside or outside of our building adorned with a beautiful piece of art…

Shop stock … not easy if you want anything else but books or T Shirts… and who has IP on all this work? Sometimes the lines are blurred.

Back to it … more as it happens.


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