Herbert 2.0

Hello, my name is Paul and I’m currently managing our Herbert 2.0 project. It’s been up and running for around 15 months now and I’m finally getting round to writing an introduction to it for this blog. It’s not just laziness on my part though; we’re now coming up to the stage when the results of the project will be visible in the museum itself.

First, a little bit of background. The project itself is funded through the MLA‘s Renaissance in the Regions scheme. As well as me, five other people are working on the project – Natalie, Harriet, Erin, Kerrie and Jim. Between us we have three main objectives that we’re trying to achieve.

  • To provide staff training in new and creative media skills
  • To create new content for the web and our galleries – this blog and our other social media sites are just one example of how this is put into practice
  • To develop the use of new technologies to help enhance the user experience in the museum

So far we’ve spent lots of time finding out what other people are up to and looking at what would work best for us. The key throughout has been to focus on what we want to deliver and not worry too much about the technology. It would be very easy to get caught up in the latest bit of hardware and lose sight of what will work for our visitors. We’re also keen to make sure that the most important part of the museum experience remains the collections – whatever we do has to enhance and provide extra layers of information and content but shouldn’t detract from the core museum visit.

So, after initially thinking a system using RFID tags and smart cards would be best we’ve opted to go for a mobile application running on Apple’s iOS & Google’s Android. Our partners at the Serious Games Institute are busy working on developing the application so hopefully we’ll have more to share soon.


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