Painting Conservation, Part 4

Detail showing signature, brush strokes and paint loss on right hand side.

Test clean cotton wool swabs with surface dirt from ‘Boats on the Shore’.
Test clean on sky and sea also showing impasto or raised brush strokes.

Back at work after a short break.  I have continued with test cleans on ‘Boats on the Shore’ on different areas of the picture to ensure that different pigments react uniformly to the solution – this is not always the case.  

It appears that the picture is unvarnished – i.e. there is no surface coating on top of the paint layer.  The picture has a dull brownish-yellowish appearance which has the effect of flattening out the colours and it seems that this is caused by the significant layer of surface dirt rather than an aged varnish. Further tests are required to confirm this.  

I will be concentrating on the tears in the following weeks…  


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