Street Art … an unknown response

Time Waits For No Man by Kerry Roper

I’m really excited about our forthcoming Street Art Season kicking off this weekend with Street Art Saturday featuring an It’s Yours Take It event where we will be giving away over 100 pieces of art donated by artists from across the globe at 12.30pm at the Herbert.

The thing is this. There have only been a handful of street art exhibitions delivered across the globe and I’m finding it really difficult to judge what the likely public response to the exhibition and events programme we’ve put together will be.

Target audiences for this kind of work are hard to call. You would expect that the skateboarding masses would be interested but they are a traditionally hard demographic to engage with. Good luck and lateral thinking needed here I think.

Contemporary art lovers should love this but how many feel that street art is an act of vandalism? Not many I would expect but how many really appreciate the scope and range that this art form covers? I hope they will come along to find out – some of the works from the V & A, Mohammed Ali and our Fresh Paint sections will make this a unique opportunity to fill in the gaps and challenge people’s conception of what they think street art is.

I’m hopeful local students arriving in the city will also take the opportunity to engage with us early and we will be doing everything we can invite as many as we can to the UK launch of  the V & A exhibition.

Finally there’s the star impact… how much do people want to see original prints by Banksy, Sherpard Fairey, Ben Eine, Sickboy and D*Face? If it’s good enough for Cameron and Obama then has it not got big enough for the national consciousness?

The events programme is immense – check out the website – you can witness live art battles, spoken work, projections, DJs, talks from internationally renowned photographers and commentators and loads of kids inspired stuff… again should have a monster response but I still honestly can’t judge this one as it feels so unique – completely uncharted territory when all combined.

For the record as with all exhibitions, marketing spend is limited. I share some of my thinking now in advance of the exhibition and you can share my journey if you care to?

So starter for ten:

Events and Exhibitions Leaflets – We are looking to draw in visitors from slightly further afield than Coventry and Warwickshire on this one.
If we can afford it I would say 40-50K thousand exhibitions and events leaflets – Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham arts run (racked and bespoke runs) + select few to direct marketed postcodes.

Mohammed Ali Specific Work – 50K Postcards – distributed through street art networks, urban music distributors and relevant club nights West Midlands wide.

Midland Rail Network – 4 week campaign – raising profile on all smaller station stops across the Midlands.

Advertising – Very limited – What’s On Magazine (General), Preview Magazine (ABC South Warwickshire), Primary Times (Kids Activities) + specialist if money provides (maybe Fused / Area Magazine regionally)

Press – Local and regional (mainly events and exhibition) and nationals (features, interviews and listings) – hitting this hard.

Online – Regional listing sites, links to street art related sites, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, WordPress, features, external newsletters, internal email database and search engines – again more effort than useful to cover all bases.

– To be disclosed… coming to a subway, shopping centre, bus station, street floor or office near you…

Let’s see what this does and hope people get behind it … I’ll keep you posted.

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