Is This Thing On?….

Today’s guest post is from Dave Sumner, a Marketing and Communications Assistant at the Herbert.

Hello my name is Dave Sumner and believe it or not this is my very first foray into the world of blogging so please hang in there with me.

In a world run on social websites I have found myself shying away from Twitter faces and my tubes. Call me crazy, but I’ve never understood what’s social about sitting on your own at a computer screen tapping away at a keyboard. So when asked to write a blog about myself and my role at the Herbert I was understandably apprehensive, but I thought it was time to have a go, roll my sleeves up and join the thronging masses.

Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘this guy’s been living in a cave and if he ever sees a computer he’ll start burning it at the stake for witchcraft’. But, believe it or not, before joining the Herbert I actually spent 10 years working in IT on an IT helpdesk. I guess that’s where my reluctance started.

After having spent 9 to 5 chained to a desk slowly becoming my own Dilbert character, coming home and voluntarily doing the same thing just didn’t seem right. 

I joined the Herbert Marketing team back in July and I’m here on a short-term contract for six months. I’m here to mainly help in setting up and running a new CRM Database. It will eventually be used by all the staff here as a central source of information that will hopefully improve everyone’s understanding of the relationships that exist between ourselves and our contacts the outside world. I’ve also found myself doing some telephone prospecting to businesses around the area to establish whether they might have a need to hire some of our competitively priced rooms whilst explaining what fantastic facilities we have here at the Herbert.

As a charity and non-profit making organisation operating in challenging times, it’s really important that we do everything we can to attract hires, conferences and events to the Herbert to help support the important work we do with the local community and maintain FREE access to our collections. 

I was pretty excited about working here when I got the call. In comparison to my previous job, working for a museum is as different as you could get.

I have to admit I am still harbouring ambitions of coming back after dark in the hope of catching the exhibits coming alive, although I may give the medieval toilet a wide berth if they do. 

Well that’s pretty much it for now I’m sure I’ll be back to fascinate and amaze you with the world of spreadsheets and databases that soon … so feel free to stay on the edge of your seats. And who knows, I may have even opened a space-book account, this blogging is quite addictive…


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  1. Dave has been a welcome addition to the team adding the commercial cutting edge required in all modern day marketing teams. He has many super hero like abilities … we like to think of him as Super Cold Service Call Listening to Customers Requirements Man… his powers of finding what people want that we offer are unparalleled!

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