Coventry Zoo

Not being a Coventry native, I was unaware (until 10 minutes ago anyway) that Coventry had a zoo.

The Virtual Museum Willenhall has an interesting copy of an original zoo guide which you can view online. The animals do look a little sad, and it reminds me of school trips to the Memphis Zoo when I was younger.

Somewhat more lighthearted is MACE ‘s 1973 film clip of the resident dolphins getting their teeth cleaned!

I’m personally not a big fan of zoos and, after reading this article, perhaps I didn’t miss much by coming to Coventry years after the zoo closed. Except, perhaps, this.

I think it’s been said on this blog before, but you never know what to expect from a day working at the Herbert!! It’s wonderful to learn more about the history of where I live now and I look forward to more random (but exciting) discoveries. I’ll keep you posted!


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