Cabbage with peas – Kapusta z grochem

The current Your Coventry display

When I lived in Poland over ten years ago, a friend taught me the idiom Kapusta z grochem – it literally means cabbage with peas, a dish served during dinner on Christmas Eve, but it also means things are a bit of a mish mash.  Sometimes when you are working on lots of projects at once you do a bit of this and a bit of that and your days can feel like, well, kapusta z grochem.  I was thinking of this because I am working on two Polish projects at the minute, both very different, as different as cabbage and peas but equally interesting. 

I am working with the Herbert Media team on editing a promotional film for the Polish community.  Back in February half term, young people from the Polish Saturday School came to the museum and shot footage for the film.  Working with lovely Polish volunteers we went through the footage and picked clips which will explain what is in the museum.  The filming, scripts and presentation are very much the work of the young people.  I was very impressed with how hard they worked.  Then I had to dust off my Polish and put together some titles for the film clips which was quite interesting as many of the words I had never used before.  I got them checked and thankfully most of them were OK.  There is a fair bit still to do.  I have to put on English subtitles, credits, possibly a map, and figure out how to improve the sound quality. Thankfully I have Jim of the Media team to help me with his technical expertise.  I am hoping that the film could be finished by the end of the month.

The other project is to compile a series of pictures for a slide show about the Polish community in Coventry.  In the History Gallery, there is a temporary display area called Your Coventry which hosts displays for six months at a time on topics of local interest.  Previous topics have been archaeology, Deaf people’s working lives and Coventry hostels.  It feels like quite a big responsibility to research and write a community’s history.  I was given access to over 200 photographs from which I have had to choose about 20.  I have been visiting the History Centre to do some background research and found a fascinating publication put together in the 1980s which looks at the different communities in Coventry.  As part of the Your Coventry display there will be two text panels, one in English and one in Polish, and a photograph slide show on the screen with English and Polish commentary.  All being well the work should go up in the History Gallery around August.

I will update as things develop, but in the meantime all this talk of cabbage and peas has reminded me that it is time for lunch…Smacznego!

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  1. You’ve spelled Kapusta three different ways on this page. Please take care to spell check.It’s KAPUSTA.

    • Hi Joanna,

      I must admit that I proofead this article, but didn’t notice! Thanks for pointing out the mistake; everything’s been fixed now!


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