Today’s post has been written by Ludo Keston, Chief Executive of Coventry Heritage and Arts Trust.
Not a typical Monday morning at the Herbert! I’ve just been interviewed by the BBC’s Mark Lawson for a piece about us that will be broadcast on Front Row next Monday. It’s all about The Art Fund Prize and our being on the final list of 4 museums that are being considered from hundreds of nominations.
For a small museum like ours, the Art Fund Prize brings a level of press and public attention that we could never afford to buy, and we are already seeing the benefits of being named the best museum in Britain for families by the Guardian earlier in the year.
Even being mentioned in the same breath as a huge institution like the Ashmolean is a great honour for us and we’re all getting a little nervous about the award ceremony that is taking place in London next week.
It’s a bit like the museum version of the Oscars – except I don’t expect to be walking on a red carpet or indeed making a gushy speech about how it was all thanks to my parents and the things they gave up to make me what I am today! The real winners here are the audiences who come to the Herbert in their hundreds of thousands each year and revel in their past and explore their creative futures.
And they couldn’t do that without the real stars of this particular show – the many staff who work tirelessly to ensure that every one of those visitors gets the red carpet treatment.

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