From Egyptian Mummies to Tracey Emin

Working on the Herbert learning team means getting involved with a huge variety of projects, from running school sessions, to helping out our Families Learning Officer with activities and events, dressing up in costume for sessions like Molly the Maid or Keep Calm and Carry on, or working on the learning programmes for temporary exhibitions, there is always something fun and exciting to be involved with.

Lately on the learning team we have been travelling up and down the country doing research for the Secret Egypt exhibition that is coming up in 2011. This is going to be huge for the Herbert as an exhibition, but also for learning. We’ve already had teachers asking questions about it, so we’re expecting a big uptake with visits for the learning programme. Over the last couple of months we have been to Leicester, Sheffield, and Manchester to talk with other museums about what works and what doesn’t for Ancient Egyptian school sessions, and over the next few weeks we’ll be travelling to Birmingham, Bolton, London and Oxford to meet with some others. This is great for us as we’re getting a real insight into what is available from other museums and we’re meeting a lot of fellow museum educators. Over the next few months the learning team will be putting the Secret Egypt school’s programme together so keep looking out for updates of how that’s going!

Onto another note, From Here to There, a contemporary arts exhibition from the Arts Council’s collection opened at the weekend so I’ve been busy putting together some final preparations for the learning programme for it before the first school groups come in.

As an outreach officer a lot of my work involves going out to schools and community, so the temporary exhibitions programme is a nice way of working onsite in the galleries every now and then. As a team we share the temporary exhibitions out between us so we all have an opportunity to explore new or different areas for our work. I have an arts background having gained a Fine Art degree in 2008, so when I heard Tracey Emin, Gilbert and George and Richard Long (some of my favourite contemporary artists) were going to be featured in this exhibition I jumped at the chance to be involved. The programme I have put together is aimed at GCSE students and above, where they will have a 45 minute guided tour of the exhibition. I have the first group coming in on the 27th May, a group of 16 AS level art students, so fingers crossed all goes well and they enjoy the exhibition and tour!   

Lisa Williamson, Learning Officer – Outreach

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